Welcome to MyPLAN

MyPLAN (My Personal Learning and Advising Network) provides a convenient way for students to communicate with faculty and staff. Students can schedule with instructors and advising support staff as well as search through available campus resources.

Faculty and advising staff can follow students through their UNL careers, recording notes, scheduling appointments, accessing basic student information, and communicating with those on campus who are involved with their students. You can get to MyPLAN directly from MyUNL/Blackboard. Just log into MyUNL/Blackboard and click the MyPLAN link.  If you would like training for faculty and staff in your college, please email the MyPLAN team at myplan@unl.edu.

MyPLAN Administration:
     Vanessa Roof
     Bill Watts
     Paul Breitkreutz

College/Unit Representatives

     CASNR - Nicole Smith
     CBA - Natasha Crawford
     A&S - Tony Lazarowicz
     Engineering - Kayla Person
     Education and Human Sciences - Trish Fenster  
     EXPLORE - Paul Breitkreutz
     First-Year Experience & Transition - Megan Schaefer
     Career Services - Chris Timm

What if I need more help?