MyPLAN Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I use MyPLAN?

A: MyPLAN is currently accessible to instructors of record, advising-related staff, offices who have worked with MyPLAN administrative members to set up a student service, and UNL undergraduate students.  If you are interested in obtaining access to MyPLAN, please contact one of the administrative team members.

Q: Are there any handouts or video tutorials to explain how to use MyPLAN?

A: You can view helpful handouts and video tutorials for faculty/staff and students at

Q: How do I set my Office 365 Calendar (Windows ONLY) to automatically accept appointments that stduents make through the MyPLAN calendar?

A: You can learn how to set your Office 365 Calendar (Windows ONLY) to automatically accept MyPLAN appointments by downloading this handout

 Q: What is a flag and when should I use one?

A: Flags are designed to inform students when their performance is not meeting expectations.  Instructors can raise flags based on Performance and Attendance.  Raising a flag generates an automated email that is sent to the student (to which instructors can enter additional comments).  Once a student has been flagged by an instructor three times in a semester, the student’s advisor is notified with an automated email in the MyPLAN system.  Flagging a student through MyPLAN creates a transparent communication trail that allows all individuals working with the student to see a clear picture of the student’s performance.  Flags are ‘cleared’ at the end of each semester, and they are only visible in MyPLAN to advisors.  You can find templates for flags under the ‘Resources’ tab at

 Q: Why should I send a MyPLAN flag to my student?  Wouldn’t sending a personalized email from Canvas or my account be easier?

A: Flagging students in MyPLAN creates a transparent record that reflects student progress throughout the semester.  In addition, it allows coordination of intervention efforts with advisors across the entire UNL campus. 

 Q: I am an academic advisor and have received a flag for one of my advisees.  What should I do with it?

A: Advisors are encouraged to contact their students who have been flagged as soon as possible.  Please record your discussion with the student and proposed course of action within the MyPLAN flag.  When you feel the issue has been addressed, please resolve the flag.  Specific instructions for resolving flags and documenting interactions can be found under the ‘Resources’ tab at (Please reference the handouts ‘UNL Advising Guidelines’ and ‘Resolving Flags’)

 Q: What is a Kudo and when should I use one?

A: Kudos are messages that instructors can send to students to encourage positive performance in class.  You can find templates for Kudos under the ‘Resources’ tab at  

 Q: Can I take attendance through MyPLAN?

A: MyPLAN allows you to quickly record attendance on students in your class, providing you the student’s individual picture with corresponding attendance options.  You also can select students who have been absent and send messages to those students through the MyPLAN interface. 

 Q: Why can’t I see students who are not in my classes or my advisees?

A: MyPLAN provides you with viewing options only to those students with whom you have a direct relationship, either through instruction or advising.   

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